Configurable Access Control to Correct Answers

Configurable Access Control to Correct Answers

Administrators control when participants can have access to the correct answers. In this example participants get access to results when they have assessed every slide in the case and submitted their results

Additional options include never show results, always show results or to show results for each image when it has been assessed

Configurable Access Control to Correct Answers

Administrators can submit the correct answer and control when participants have access to the results


Whether using as a teaching or as a Quality Assessment tool. Administrators has the option to configure participants access to predefined correct answers or submitted answers.

Different teaching or Quality Assessment scenarios require different solutions.

In a teaching scenario where the entire patient case is being evaluated, access to the results can be controlled so participants need to assess and submit answers for every slide image before getting access to the results or participants can be granted access after the assessment of one or several slide images if simulating a pathology laboratory workflow.

In a Quality Assessment scenario, the administrator can control access to individual answers and at the same time have an overview of the combined answers from the assessors (Overview Dashboard) and thus highlight any discrepancies and interesting findings observed and address these with all assessors in a plenary discussion is operated by PathoPulse